Windows XP: Over, Done, Finished

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Windows XP Pro

Microsoft has announced Windows XP will no longer be supported after April of 2014.  What’s that mean?

Microsoft plans to kill XP by refusing to offer updates and security patches.  Surfing with XP will be dangerous and you will receive no help from Microsoft if your computer becomes infected.

Frankly, it’s time.  XP, by it’s very design is not as secure as Windows 7.  Forget about Vista, Windows 7 is a safe, secure (relatively), fast, intuitive operating system.  The average home user will be and has been very pleased with Windows 7.  What about businesses?

The only reason Microsoft has continued to support Windows XP:  the howling and complaining from companies who invested in XP.  Don’t want to spend $400 – $1500 to change out your home computer just because the operating system is XP?  Imagine paying $15,000 to make the switch from XP to Windows 7.

Computers that run fine using the XP operating system will most likely have to be replaced in order to move to Windows 7.  Windows 7 has different recommended hardware requirements than XP:  more memory, faster processor, larger hard disk, and a better graphics solution.  For many businesses, switching to Windows 7 means purchasing new computers.  Ouch.

The upgrade path for futures version of Windows 7 (8,9,10) should be fairly easy:  buy the updated operating system only – no need to upgrade hardware.  Once businesses make the switch the cost of maintaining the computer systems should be similar to XP.  The initial switch to Windows 7 is going to hurt.

Will Microsoft cave again and continue to support XP?  Don’t think so.  XP is an outdated operating system.  Windows 8 will put Microsoft firmly in the cloud, a place XP was never designed to go.

XP owners – start shopping.  The time is now.